Welcome to the CWTY program. This software is designed to allow CW operators to see coded signals as text CW from their receivers and to transmit CW using the serial port or sound card of the computer. This is accomplished by routing the audio from the receiver audio output to the audio (MIC or Line In) input of the sound port of the computer. The software runs on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8.0, Windows 7, and Windows Vista operating systems. The program is optimized for keyboard to keyboard operation.

Program Features:

1. The CWTY program is able to copy and transmit CW from 10 to 100 wpm.

2. Transmit and receive full extended (+, !,*,%,#,=, etc.) keyboard character set.

3. Receive Prosigns and non English characters.

4. Spectrum (Line, Waterfall) display of audio signal.

5. Time line display of the signal being decoded.

6. Tracking of the received signal with AFC

7. UTC time, transmit/receive LEDs, signal strength, and WPM displays.

8. Macro text strings using dynamic data input during QSO operation.

9. RS-232 or sound card transmitter keying.

10. Adjustable character timing.

11. Black background of screens for outdoor operation. White is standard

12. Sound card selection

13. LoTW Data Logging